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"Being constructed on a hill rising in the middle of the tourism facilities and shopping centers of Town Konakli, Alanya, Uygun Oasis Club Villas II will doubtlessly leverage your position. As close as 400 m. to the seashore and avails direct access to the ocean via a special route extending from its main entrance. Uygun Oasis Club Villas II is notable as a rising star of Konakli for its odd architectural design and the quality and warranty of Uygun Group."



Project Area

30.000 m²

Landscape Design Area

25.500 m²

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Life Style...

In Uygun Oasis Club anything is possible. We have created a special complex for creative and innovative people, who appreciate quality, luxury and love to enjoy life.

With Uygun Oasis Club, you will see a carefully designed concept, with no limits in regards to experiences, details and quality of construction. Enjoy luxury at competitive prices...

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High Quality and Details...
Uygun Oasis Club II is so unique; tastefully and luxuriously planned with many balconies, beautiful stucco cellings, bright colors, large windows, travertine marble floors throughout the house.

Everything of the highest quality. The perfect setting for anyone wishing for a luxury vacation.

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Life in Oasis Club II

You may enjoy the matchless view of the sunset while tasting your drink drop by drop, sitting at the balcony combined with the sea and want to live the rest of your life in the heart of the Mother Nature Try to imagine and . Just Feel ...

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Enjoy it...

Uygun Oasis Club II offers a large range of exclusive facilities for every one.Avail yourself to 5 star facilities at Uygun Oasis Club II.
Enjoy life at your villa balcony against mediteranean sea , private pool or take the golf car to the 330 m2 communal swimming pool where you can meet some of your neighbours for social gatherings .No limits to services you can recieve...

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