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About Us

We enjoy the pride of having reached at this point which we sustain as of today, in our business life, that we have started in 1982. We continue our existence with an impressive construction equipment inventory in the construction industry, to never concede our quality policy while ensuring structural supervision at 100%. Since the date of its foundation, the Company has undersigned a variety of success stories, with a number of notable projects we have realized in the most unique scenaries of Alanya. All of these projects have returned and in fact, are still returning high yields of income to their investors, thanks to wise choice and utilization of their geographical locations. To find and select rewarding lands that would not cause their owners / end users loose  anything from value, without suffering any degradation in quality constitutes our basic work philosopy invariably in all building development efforts we have undertaken.
Our Mission is to offer sound, high quality residential areas respecting the environment and nature, with reference to world standards.
Our Vision is to build the structures of the future from today, while respecting the environment and nature and having due regard to the growing need and trends for sound and reliable living environments, meeting or exceeding world standards and fully exploiting the latest, state-of-the -art building construction technologies.


About Us
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Protection Of Personal Data

This Disclosure and Disclosure Form has been prepared within the scope of the processing and transfer of “Personal Data of real peeople regulated by Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data (KVK Law”). Within the scope of Law No. 6698, any updated information that you share with our company will be considered as “Personal Data".
The security of your personal data is of utmost importance for us and your personal data will be stored in the safest manner possible and in accordance with the conditions stipulated by the legislation, as long as required by legal obligations and in accordance with the legislation. Your collected personal data; are processed in accordance with the law and the rules of honesty, accurate and, where necessary, up to date, for certain, clear and legitimate purposes, connected to the purpose for which they are committed, limited and measured, in accordance with the principles of retention for the period required by the relevant legislation or for the purpose for which they are committed.
  a) Data Officer
According to the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data ("KVK Law ”), your personal data; As “Data Responsible",  Uygun Group Yatırımları İnş.Emlak Nakliye Hafriyat Taahüt İnşaat Malzemeleri Turizm Ticaret ve Sanayi L.t.d Şti  (“UYGUN GROUP”) may be processed within the scope of the following.
b) The Purpose for W...

Protection Of Personal Data
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Social Responsibility Projects
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Human Resources

We as Uygun Group are aware that people are our most precious resources and for this reason we intend to provide conditions where our Uygun Group team members feel happy and have opportunities for further development. If you believe that you possess qualities listed below, please send your CV to ik@uygungroup.com. Uygun Group considers applications regularly. In case of job openings, your CV will be taken into consideration and we’ll get in touch with you.

•    Highly developed organizational skills ...
•    Strategic approach ...
•    Honesty and Prudence ...
•    Multitasking skills ...
•    Ability to settle disputes peacefully ...
•    Strong communication skills ...
•    Equable ...
•    Problem solving ability.

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